Affirmation of God: I am one with God.

Today’s Scripture: But he who unites himself with the Lord is one with him in spirit. 1 Corinthians 6:17 NIV 

We are free to join God today! We can run to unite with God and away from what may enslave us. Paul offers us so many great truths here in 1 Corinthians 6. He reminds us we can choose to be enslaved to a host of temptations or accept the cleansing and promise of Jesus Christ. 

“And such were some of you.” Yes God is well aware we have united ourselves with sexual immorality, greed, drunkenness and other sins of the flesh. Yet the greatest news of all is that the God who raised Jesus from the dead will raise us up by HIS POWER. 

We have shown our lack of power but when we are united with God we become one spirit with Him. Let us run to God and His Spirit and be free. 

Can you ask for God’s power to keep you united with Him? 

Today’s Prayer:  Almighty God, I praise You for Your power. I call out to You for Your power to keep me united with You. Forgive for when I have chosen lusts and sins of the flesh over You. I am guilty and only in You am I free. Thank you for raising me with Your power and I trust Your power and Your Spirit to keep me united with You. Amen 

Tom Raines

Christian Affirmations 4 Life

About Tom Raines

Husband, father and son who is a treasure hunter in the Word of God. Finding joy,strength and hope while affirming the characteristics and qualities God created for us and described for us in His Holy Scriptures.
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2 Responses to Affirmation of God: I am one with God.

  1. Debbie says:

    Tom, I was captured by the “running to be united with Him”. Where else can we go?:) Thank you so much. These affirmations bless me and help me run to Him all the more! God bless you!

    • Tom Raines says:

      Thank you Deb! Indeed, where else will we run? I have run to many places before in my life and none compare to the warmth and amazement of Him and His embrace. Blessings to you and I am thankful for your presence here!

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