Affirmation of God: I seek understanding in the Spirit.

Today’s Scripture: Proverbs 2:3 AKJV: Yes, if you cry after knowledge, and lift up your voice for understanding; 

What good is knowledge without understanding? God’s word is woven into an exact design. These are not words on paper folks but an inspired message to speak to our soul. 

God is Spirit and when we lift up our voices to Him for understanding, where does He respond? In our spirit through His Holy Spirit God provides the understanding we need. 

God’s understanding is not right or wrong, it is perfect. When we seek His understanding we must recognize it in our spirit. This is not a head thing, a mind thing; no this is a Spirit thing. When we cry out and when we lift our voices to Him for understanding where do we listen? 

Shhhh, be still and listen for the understanding you have asked God for. Where do you listen?  Can you feel the difference between understanding in your fleshly mind and the filling of your spirit? How has God revealed His understanding to you? 

Today’s Prayer: Heavenly Father, I lift my voice to You for understanding. Fill my spirit LORD with the understanding You intend. I know You answer and I know Your Spirit is faithful. Give me the spiritual ears to hear You. Help me recognize Your voice and please drown out my voice and my mind. Thank You for Your faithfulness. Amen. 

Tom Raines

Christian Affirmations 4 Life

About Tom Raines

Husband, father and son who is a treasure hunter in the Word of God. Finding joy,strength and hope while affirming the characteristics and qualities God created for us and described for us in His Holy Scriptures.
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4 Responses to Affirmation of God: I seek understanding in the Spirit.

  1. jelillie says:

    Thanks Tom! I have a favorite saying “Take time for the quiet moments; For God whispers and the world is loud.” How often have I missed His voice in the hubub?

  2. Beautiful reminder, Tom! Thank you!

    Yes, may we still ourselves to hear the sweet voice of the Spirit.
    May we, in peaceful moments, hear God’s precious and perfect wisdom.

    Abundant blessings always in Christ!

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