Today’s Affirmation: I die daily.

Today’s Affirmation: I die daily. 

It is just crazy that to find myself I must first lose myself. Huh??!! The only way to truly live is to first die. This affirmation came directly from Paul in 1 Corinthians 15:31. He is reminding the church that without death we can not rise. Reading first Corinthians 15 we see that Paul is taking this opportunity to remind the church in Corinth of why they believe. 

The entire Christian church is founded upon the death and resurrection of Jesus. Without the death there could be no resurrection. It is the same with us. Without our death we can not be raised in the spiritual life God has intended for us. 

God has me on a personal mission to encourage others to be who they are. The Mercy Me song encourages me daily. This is who I am, no more no less. Just yesterday I was writing a speech on “I AM”.  I have been thinking that because of my life experiences I am who I am. Today God brought me to this scripture and this affirmation. “I die daily”. I am who I am when I die to my flesh and I rise again in the spirit. DAILY.  It is a razor thin line of standing on who I am while losing who I am. 

Maybe this is why Paul backed up and reviewed in this Chapter of 1 Corinthians to remind the early church of why they believe. 1 Corinthians 15:10 says: by the grace of God I am what I am”. 

We are who we are but ONLY by the grace of God. At what point in each of our lives do we tire of only living for ourselves. For me, it was at the bottom of a deep valley of deceit, addiction and brokenness. Only when I died did I truly find my purpose and my passion. I chased after the desires and goals of others like they were mine. Why? To impress others who didn’t even know me? I thank God today for this death. 

I thank God today as I die for Him. God help me to die; to crucify my flesh so I may be raised up in Your Spirit today. 

  1. What are your thoughts about this scripture calling you to die daily?
  2. What needs to die in you?
  3. Have you experienced the life found in Spiritual birth?
  4. Can we die long enough to get a glimpse of His glory intended for us, today? 

Raise us up in Your Spirit today. I am who I am in You. 

Tom Raines

Christian Affirmations 4 Life

About Tom Raines

Husband, father and son who is a treasure hunter in the Word of God. Finding joy,strength and hope while affirming the characteristics and qualities God created for us and described for us in His Holy Scriptures.
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10 Responses to Today’s Affirmation: I die daily.

  1. Scripture seems to be full of those opposites. Die to live. Become weak to be strong. First will be last. Dying daily is a “daily chore” in that it takes a conscious effort…daily…to yield to God. How do i do? Sometimes not so good. but I am continually desiring to die to Him.

    • tomraines says:

      Love the “desiring” to. I am amazed at how quickly I can switch from flesh to spirit…but the desire is more resilient. Thanks Bill for your perspective and [pointing this out! I am thankful God’s spirit drives my desire.

  2. wordwise says:

    Death has been my life for several years now. Not physical but spiritual. The Lord daily deals a death blow to something in my life. Praise Him for the Spirit who reveals to me the living flesh that needs to be crucified. Sometimes that area of my life doesn’t die easily. It twitches and flails around but eventually the struggle ceases. But on the heels of this flesh-monster is another waiting to attack. I die a thousand little deaths daily and become more like Jesus with each one. I will trade death for life any day!

    • tomraines says:

      Thank you Abiding for dropping in. Galation 2:20 began being my life verse several years back. Yes being crucified with Christ is the death I pray for…yes all those things of the flesh may be sacrificed and crucified. Drop back by when you can!

  3. tomraines says:

    Aaron, thanks for dropping by. You are always welcomed to express your opinion here. Interesting to me too. You could be technically right but I know God knows I need to die to myself every day so I do not become so confident in my own mind to think I know all things. Legalistically this may not be the letter of the law but I know the Jesus that died for me knows my heart. If the ox is in the ditch I hope to get it out. I will die to my flesh daily because I have to so that He and His Spirit will be more alive in me. I understand I do not know all things but I do love Jesus with all my heart, with all my soul and all my mind…no matter the letter of the law. I will have to stick with the number one commandment and with number two I will love you as myself. Please come back to see me when you can but you will not find a soul here who is concerned with legalistic practices. I did read the entire 1 Cor 15 again and I will stand on the fact that 15:36 that I must continue to die so I can live. I do die daily and He is my daily bread and I wouldn’t have a problem being baptized every day. I will not be any MORE saved but I would love to die to my flesh and be raised in His glory daily. Thankful you don’t need it.

  4. Wow. I am a song writer, and I just began writing a song and the lyrics go something like this “If you wanna find who you are, you gotta lose yourself.” Singing that reminded me of how we have to surrender ourselves and die daily to our flesh and our own desires, and so i typed in google to try and find were that scripture is located and this post came up. What a blessing it has been to read it.
    God bless you sir,

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