Today’s Affirmation: Lord, I give you my heart and my eyes delight in Your ways.

Today’s Affirmation: Lord, I give you my heart and my eyes delight in Your ways. 

A few words can say so much! Proverbs 23:26 states: 

“Give me your heart, my son,
         And let your eyes delight in my ways.” (NASV) 

I spent most of my life doing only a little of both. How did that work out? Can I give Him some of my heart and just be aware of His ways? Or does it require your whole heart and true delight in His ways. 

I have to ask myself: 

  • Have I ever been tempted by the desire for finer things?
  • Have I ever grown weary chasing after wealth?
  • Have I ever been led astray by the deception of another person?
  • Have I experienced where a lack of discipline may have created issues for me or my children?
  • Have I ever allowed the allure of envy take my eyes off of God?
  • Have I ever been tempted by alcohol or gluttony?
  • Have I ever been tempted by sexual immorality? 

All of this covered in just one book of wisdom in God’s Holy Scripture in Proverbs 23. Amazing how such few words can impact so many lives. As you reflect on this list, how has this worked in your life so far? I am amazed at those who have been so willing to give all of their heart! I love to see the results of those who have delighted in His ways. 

Lord, I delight in the amazing wisdom you gave to us in your Holy Scripture. May I delight in it and give you my heart so your word is alive in my heart. That I will seek you with all of me and see Your fruit and Your will being done. 

It is all about You dear Lord. Thank you for forgiving me for giving my heart to other things besides you and for seeking my own ways. Thanks for welcoming me back with such grace and love. I give You my heart and please help me delight in Your ways. 

Tom Raines

Christian Affirmations4Life

About Tom Raines

Husband, father and son who is a treasure hunter in the Word of God. Finding joy,strength and hope while affirming the characteristics and qualities God created for us and described for us in His Holy Scriptures.
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10 Responses to Today’s Affirmation: Lord, I give you my heart and my eyes delight in Your ways.

  1. Yes I have been tempted in some of the ways you mention but will keep that quiet for now. :) Much of it was because of my failure to absorb God’s wisdom. Good thoughts Tom.

  2. debi says:

    The answer to every question is, “Yes.” You could also add have you ever made bad choices because you were paralyzed with fear. Have you ever taken quick compulsive action in order to temporarily alleviate pain – only to add to the consequences of it- to extend it? And delight in HIS WAYS – gosh – that is a hard one when applied to a world where so many things tha surround us and pierce our hearts are entirely out of our control. I am lunging forward towards His ocean of healing and grace.

    I’m so glad I found this website through Robin Rane’s site. I like the lack of fru fru – just get to the point and call out for mercy.

    • tomraines says:

      Debi, I can so relate to the fear! Thank you for dropping in. PLEASE come back. I have been out of town the past few days and broke my rhythm here. Normally it is a daily joy and please let me know when you find one that speaks to your heart!
      Glad you found me through Robin’s site. She has been such an inspiration to me for me to follow God’s nudge here.

  3. Tony York says:

    This reminded me of David asking God to teach him the meaning behind His ways.

    I want to learn about God’s character through His writings to His people. In His character I can find greater application of wisdom. This takes, as you have pointed out, more effort than just reading a few words and walking away. It takes contemplation and application.

    The Lord knows my failings and faults and I need His help to guide me.

    • tomraines says:

      Tony, wow. God has been giving me this “character” message that I am just beginning to grasp. It is my prayer that these affirmations that God reveals through His word are another way to develop the character of God in ourselves. God just used you (well a couple of days ago) to touch my heart and confirm that this where He is sending me. I too want to learn about His character…Just crazy! thanks for sharing what the Spirit was leading you. I hear you loud and clear!

  4. Thinking on these things makes the difference for me. I can read my Bible in the morning and get up never thinking another thing about it. The cares of the world crowd out the message. I have to discipline myself to give my whole heart…only He can help me do that.
    You know dropping in here at 3pm has helped me center my thoughts on Him. Thanks…
    (love the new look on the blog! I was only gone a week and WOW!)

  5. tomraines says:

    Soooo glad you are back. You are truly missed when you go away. Hey, my unclench alarm goes off twice a day!! Amazing how far I can wander from God and the alarm can help me to momentarily recenter… Thanks friend!

  6. Haven’t forgotten you. Your affirmations are a part of my daily personal worship. Thank you so much. I have walked in His ways for most of my life but before I start getting all puffed up, I must confess that I have gotten off the path many times. Have you ever been driving and take your eyes off the road to admire some attraction or you are way over in on the left lane and cannot get to the right lane and you miss the turn that the GPS just told you to take. Then GPS takes over and works to get you back on the right route. Life is that way. We start looking at all the attractive things and the next thing we know we start down the wrong path. I thank God for the Holy Spirit in my life that starts yelling out, “Wrong turn, Wrong turn, Turn around immediately.” Tom it does my soul good to see men, taking a stand, for God. And while you may have made some wrong turns, as we all have, the important thing is that God’s GPS is working in your life now. You are learning to focus on it’s directions rather that on all the things that can distract. Thanks be to God for his Grace and mercy to all of us. Have a God filled day.

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